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O.H.M.#19 - It's Hard to be a Human Being by Steven Taylor

By Charlene Lowe

THU JAN 07, 2021

O.H.M. is the acronym for Overtures Honoring Mindfulness, a collection of the written word that speaks to my heart, mind & soul.

It’s Hard to be a Human Being

It’s hard to be a human being

when you seem to be trapped inside yourself

with the rest of the world out there, on the other side

and you feel insignificant and fragile, like a tiny island

surrounded by a vast, roaring ocean

that’s threatening to submerge you.

It’s hard to be a human being

when you’re forced to share your inner world

with a crazy, whirling thought-machine

that never stops churning and chattering

and makes you fear things that can’t hurt you

and desire things that can’t make you happy.

It’s hard to be a human being

when there are impulses inside you that you don’t understand

and that don’t seem to have an outlet

as if they were meant for someone else, or for another world

and have attached themselves to you by mistake.

It’s hard to be a human being

when the world is so chaotic that you can’t find your right direction

can’t find a life that aligns with your inner purpose

and you feel inauthentic and unfulfilled

like an actor who hates the role he plays.

But the strangest thing is

how easy it is

to step outside this world of discord.

The strangest thing is

that this suffering that seems so dense and deep-rooted

is only superficial, and insubstantial.

The hardship of being human

is the pain of separation –

the incompleteness of a lonely, fragile fragment

who was once part of the whole

and longs for unity again.

Let go of your autonomy, and let your mind fall silent

until you feel yourself reconnecting to the whole.

And then your suffering will begin to ease

like a passing storm, that gives way to stillness.

And then you will sense

the security of belonging, the joy of participating

the lightness of life living through you

the inner strength that wholeness brings.

Then you will remember

how easy human life was meant to be.