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O.H.M. #12 - Open In Gratitude by Patricia Ellsberg

By Charlene Lowe

MON JUL 27, 2020

O.H.M. is the acronym for Overtures Honoring Mindfulness, a collection of the written word that speaks to my heart, mind & soul.

Open in gratitude….

…for the breath that nourishes every cell in your body and has sustained you from the moment you were born.

…for the miracle of your body that, despite whatever weaknesses or limitations, serves you and allows you to sense the wonders of the world.

…for the brain that coordinates all the functions of your body without your even being aware
of it.

…for the consciousness that allows you to perceive, feel, and be amazed.

…for the eyes that allow you to see the abounding beauty that surrounds you—colors and shapes, the face of a loved one.

…for the ears that enable you to hear birds singing, wind rustling in the leaves, words people say to you, and the laughter of children.

…for the sense of smell that allows you to enjoy the fragrance of flowers, the scent of fresh air, your favorite food.

…for your mouth and tongue that enable you to taste the fruits of the earth, to enjoy a ripe peach or chocolate melting in your mouth.

…for the skin that protects you and yet allows you to touch and sense the world, feel warmth, coolness, softness, and the touch of a loved one.

…for your heart that beats faithfully your whole life, from even before you were born.

Open to a sense of wonder and gratitude for the amazing gift of being awake and alive in this precious human form. The fact that we exist or that anything exists at all is a wondrous mystery.  We all live in the midst of a miracle.